News: Chicago Department of Buildings announcesstandardized wireless permit process. Learn more here.





As a business that specializes in building permit expediting, weoften hear the same question: "Why should I use a permit expediterinstead of applying for the permits myself?" Here are just afew reasons:

1. Save time and money.By managing every piece of the permitting process, includingin-house completion of all documents, Phase 1 Consulting can saveyou reams of time -- and especially in this industry, time ismoney.

2. Use your resources wherethey're needed. With fast and easy permitting in place, wefree up resources so you can focus on your project and anychallenges that come up along the way. Read more about ourprocess here.

3. Peace of mind. Beyondserving as permit expediters, we act as a vital member of yourteam, and our responsive staff goes the extra mile to offerguidance, identify issues early on, and prevent any costlysurprises.

We invite you to take a look at our portfolio, and to see what others are sayingabout us in our testimonials.

For more information about Phase 1's building permit expeditingservices or to set up a free consultation, contactus today.

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